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Why the Bitcoin Bust Could Finally Drop GPU Prices

Getting a new graphics card has never been more difficult than in the past year. An increase in demand combined with chip shortages made the situation rather grim. While there seemed to be no end in sight, it now seems that there might be some hope for desperate PC builders looking to buy an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080. According to Nvidia’s motherboard partner, ASRock, the sudden drop in Bitcoin prices may also affect the GPU market. It’s no secret that graphics card prices are strongly tied to th

Best Computer For Animation

You already know that you want to buy a brand new PC for animation, and you’ve had a quick look at our favorite options. We will introduce them to you properly below, but before we do, we want to make sure you know exactly what type of PC you need. Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider before making your choice. What Specs Do I Need For Animation? Whether you’re a budding animator on a quest for your first PC or a pro with years of experience under your belt, this is a question

Is Google A.I. Better at Designing Chips Than Engineers?

Could artificial intelligence be better at designing chips than human experts? A group of researchers from Google’s Brain Team attempted to answer this question and came back with interesting findings. It turns out that a well-trained A.I. is capable of designing computer microchips — and with great results. So great, in fact, that Google’s next generation of A.I. computer systems will include microchips created with the help of this experiment. Azalia Mirhoseini, one of the computer scientists

New Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Benchmarks Just Leaked

The new Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti is set to release on June 10. As this graphics card is the successor to the RTX 3070, it has been the subject of a lot of speculation as to how much better the Ti model is going to be. Thanks to benchmark leaks on the Chinese video portal Bilibili, we now have a better idea of the future performance of the RTX 3070 Ti. Compared to its predecessor, the new card has shown quite a lot of promise in testing. Two benchmark results have leaked, each coming from diff

Colorful iGame RTX 3060 Is the Cutest Graphics Card Ever

Chinese hardware company Colorful is releasing a new, limited-edition RTX 3060 graphics card, and calling it cute doesn’t even begin to cover it. Aimed at gamers and esports enthusiasts with a knack for aesthetic PC builds, the Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 3060 Bilibili E-Sports OC is about to hit the market in the U.S. Despite being priced higher than most RTX 3060 GPUs, this card is likely to sell out quickly as the unique design alone is enough to capture interest. At first glance, the card lo

How to protect your computer from unstable electricity?

Would you call yourself somewhat attached to your computer? We know we would. A desktop can be a source of entertainment, work, knowledge, and more. These days, some of us spend more time in front of the computer than away from it. As our PCs are so integral to our lives, it’s important to keep them in top shape. You may already be taking some steps to maintain your desktop in good health. Scanning for viruses, dusting, and perhaps even the occasional format. But are you prepared to defend your

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